Thursday, April 30, 2009

New use for old tools.

I found some cake icing tips at a yard sale and bought them. I was hoping to find some way of using them in my claying adventures. Ugh I couldn't get the clay to push through the tips so I decided to try and get them to work with an extruder. It so worked with the Makins Clay Extruder. So here you see the 2 tools combined as 1 and a cupcake I made using the new take on icing tips. =)


  1. Thank you very much girl. I think there will be alot more cupcakes like this one. =)

  2. this is amazing! I just tried it and it really worked great! thanks for sharinggg!

  3. Bitee the fun is when you learn all the cool fun ways to put icing on that cupcake. =)