Monday, July 27, 2009

Faux turquoise

This is the faux turquise I made from polymer clay. I also made a feather cane last week and thought the 2 would make a beautiful wand. The larger beads are also from polymer clay. You can see more pictures of this wand on my etsy.

Week of fun with Debi

NanaDeb from came down to spend the week playing in clay. We tried some new ideas together and I showed her how to make a few things I like to make. She also brought a book on how to make the cutest of characters, the witch is one of them and I'll be posting a girl I made on flickr later on today. I got behind on my house chores but it was well worth it. After losing my job and being involved in a hit and run this visit really picked my spirits back up to my norm. =) We spent much time claying, talking and lets not forget the shopping. We made faux turquoise, coral and lapis. Mind you we didn't get it right the first time but we caught on quick.

Time to mow the yard but I will blog more about our adventure later. =)