Sunday, March 29, 2009

How to make a cupcake frompolymer clay

The pictures are in order. I hope I make this easy enough for you clayers and beginners to follow. First you will need TLS(liquid clay), polymer clay(brown, gold, copper and white), mini cupcake holders, seed beads and aluminin foil.
 Start with rolling and sqishing the foil into a somewhat cupcake form makeing sure to keep the bottom flat as possible. I keep a cupcake holder out to measure and get an idea of the size the foil needs to be. About 1/4 inch smaller than the holder to allow for the clay. 
 Mix the brown with a some gold and just a small amount of copper. Flatten the brown out with your pasta mahine or roller. Wrap the sheet of clay around the foil cutting all extra off. Smooth out the seems and place it in te holder to make sure you have the right size. Use the extra clay to cover the top to give it that "muffin top". Now for the final time put this cupcake back in its holder and push the top to overlap the paper just enough to hold the paper in place. 
  Now for the icing. I use white polymer clay about a 3/4 to 1 inch ball. Smash the clay ball with your fingers for a more realistic look. Keep the ends slightly uneven. keep checking the size by lightly placing it on your cupcake. Once you have flattened and stretched it to the right size place the icing on the cupcake making sure to keep out any air bubbles. Squeeze a small amount of TLS on the top and rub it all around the icingincluding the edges, don't miss a spot. Now just place your seed beads over the top and lightly press them into the clay. The liquid clay will help adhere them to your cupcake.  
  Follow the clays recommend baking instuction and then polish.

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